Benford Brewing Co.
2271 Boxcar Rd., Lancaster, SC 29720
Contact for addtional information: Bryan O'Neal, Owner 
803-416-8422 Brewery
704-506-7806 Cell

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We are a locally owned and operated crafted beer producer in Lancaster, SC.  Our beers are brewed in small batches on a small farm located on Boxcar Rd.  Our land is fortunate to have a pure well water source tapped into the water table of one of three spring located on the property.  This natural gift gives us great tasting pure and healthy drinking water and is the key to brewing great beers.  No chemically treated city water for us out here!  Our beers are brewed with only four all natural base ingredients – Water, Malted Grains, Hops, and Yeast for fermentation. No corners cut, only the freshest ingredients and determination to brew great beers for all to enjoy.  We hope to see you at the brewery!     

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